• Freshies: Mountain Calligraphy in the Japanese Alps If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of winter sports this season you’ve seen literally hundreds of dispatches from Japan as herds of North American professionals and enthusiasts headed west in search of the most elusive of snow conditions: deep, deep powder. If your engagement in snowsports is more cursory, perhaps you haven’t even realized […]
  • Return the Junk and Get The Goods! – 12 Gifts for Yourself You’ve been through everything under the Christmas Tree and by Jove, you’re not impressed. Those ski socks will be useful – ski socks are always useful – but the rest is going to rot in the closet until you can manage to do some serious re-gifting next season. Fear not, there’s a better plan. Return […]
  • Story Behind the Top 5 Grams of 2014 – #5 Behind the Gram 2014 – #5 Bryce Phillips in Snoqualmie Pass Backcountry Much of my work is consumed these days on Instagram (I’m @scottrinck), and it’s there that I find the most interaction in the online world. I also learn a lot about what images resonate with people and why. In looking at this info, […]
  • Replay – 12 Months of Skiing Presentation at REI Seattle A few weeks back I stepped out of my comfort zone and stood up in front of a large crowd to tell stories and show photos from my project: An Elevated State – 12 Months of Skiing in Washington. The venue was the impressive presentation room at REI’s Flagship store in Seattle. Despite the sunny […]
  • An Elevated State – Art Show @ evo Seattle, see it while you can! I thought I’d pen a quick post to say thank you to everyone who supported my exhibition of ‘An Elevated State – 12 Months of Backcountry Skiing in Washington’ at evo Seattle. I had a blast connecting with the people who were able to make it in person for the opening which was packed wall […]