• Behind the Shot – Powder Magazine Dec 2013 Intro A lot of my photography is done for the love of photography. But my ski photography, if I’m honest, is done for love of skiing. This is what makes it so sweet to have one of the most entertaining backcountry ski runs of the season yield a placement in the holy grail of ski publications, […]
  • The Exposure Trap There is something that used to be very clear to everyone buying and selling photography. It was a hard and fast rule upon which the value of a photograph in the commercial market was based. Here it is: The More People Who Will See A Photo, The More The Photo Costs To License. A photo […]
  • Freshies – Columbia Peak SW Face There is an aerial photographer in Washington who has become perhaps the single biggest source of visual inspiration for climbers and skier operating in the Cascade range. His name is John Scurlock, and his work is breathtaking. For years, a single shot of his has haunted me. At first I asked myself if it was possible […]
  • UPDATED! Boards, Bikes and Babes in Costa Rica – The Intel/Gizmodo Shooting Challenge Update: I’m hosting a LIVE chat NOW (9-10AM PST) on Gizmodo.  Stop by, check out the finished images and join the conversation! Yes, I did pinch myself when I got a call from Gawker media, the web juggernaut behind Gizmodo, Lifehacker and many more of the world’s most visible sites.  My thinking went something along […]
  • Freshies – Autumn in the North Cascades Last weekend brought another spectacular bit of fall weather and allowed for more comfortable travel in the high mountains. But there’s a downside to all of this wonderful weather we’ve been having. Namely, our initial plans to camp at Wing Lake and climb Black Peak in the North Cascades were scrapped when we happened upon […]
  • Freshies – Mt. Baker North Ridge A couple of weekends ago, fresh off of a successful ski descent of the Mowich Face on Mt. Rainier, my friends Brian Fletcher, Jesse Thompson and I decided to have a go at climbing and possibly skiing the North Ridge of Mt. Baker. Everything went just superduper between the 2:30 am alarm at the trailhead […]
  • In the bush with: the Olympus OM-D E-M5 The greatest camera in the world? Quite possibly (for me, anyhow). When the Olympus OM-D E-M5 was announced, I instantly decided to buy one. That was many impatient months ago. Well, my camera has arrived, and I’ve put it through the paces the only way I know how; by packing up my biking, skiing and […]