• Story Behind the Top 5 Grams of 2014 – #2 Ruth Gorge Sunset Behind the Gram 2014 – #2 Ruth Gorge Sunset Caption as Posted on Instagram: Today on the REI blog you can find the photos from my favorite trip of the year, and one of the most amazing places on the planet. Click the link in my profile to see the whole story. Location: Stump Camp, […]
  • Story Behind the Top 5 Grams of 2014 – #4 Behind the Gram 2014 – #4 Forbidden Peak Dusk, AKA, How I (Almost) Ruined Our Climb Caption: The soft hues of winter over Forbidden Peak on Saturday night. Technical Details: Captured with the iPhone 6. Instagram LoFi Filter. Story: Soon after pulling my bare hand out of my glove to snap a quick shot of […]
  • Story Behind the Top 5 Grams of 2014 – #5 Behind the Gram 2014 – #5 Bryce Phillips in Snoqualmie Pass Backcountry Much of my work is consumed these days on Instagram (I’m @scottrinck), and it’s there that I find the most interaction in the online world. I also learn a lot about what images resonate with people and why. In looking at this info, […]
  • Photoshop is a Great Place to Play There are shots that are created as God intended. Where the conditions, the subject, the technical elements and the composition all line up to create perfection at the moment of capture. Anyone who is an accomplished photographer has experienced this synergetic beauty, and strives to recreate the magic as often as possible. I’m no exception […]
  • The How – Behind the Scenes of the Float Shoot Some of you have asked how I went about creating the shots I shared in last week’s post from my shoot for Reconnect Float House, a sensory deprivation spa.  I couldn’t be happier about how the images turned out, so I’d love to share a bit about how they were made.  And for all of […]