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When I set out to start my photography business, I did so on a single precept; explore the outdoors, create an individual vision and share it with the world. My vision is based on the idea of art through adventure, and I’ve tried to create a body of work that is unique in approach and execution, blurring the line between fine art and hard core outdoor adventure. I share this vision as widely as the cosmos will allow, and put my faith in the concept that if you build it, people will come.

Who will come? And when? That’s where the mystery lies. This mystery results in a pendulum which swings between stress and euphoria depending on the day, week or month. It’s not easy to be an independent artist, but there are certain times when the stars align and dreams really do come true. Today I’m honored to share a case-study that I hope will inspire everyone to keep putting every ounce of energy into building their own vision of success.

When I think in terms of a list of potential dream clients, one brand rises to the top. The epitome of aesthetics meeting function, the company that has literally changed the world with its innovations, the brand that has redefined modern technology, culture and design. Though there are many pretenders, there is only one Apple.

For someone in my line of work, to receive a call from Apple inquiring about photography for an upcoming campaign is like picking up the phone and finding God on the other end. “Oh, hey God, wait…you are interested in my work? You want me to send some images? Let me drop everything, including the coffee cup that just shattered at my feet due to my momentary loss of motor control.”

I’m honored, humbled and beyond exited to share my contribution to the just released Apple Shot on iPhone 6 campaign. Now, somebody please pinch me, I think I might be dreaming.

To see more from this beautiful campaign celebrating photography from around the world, check out Apple’s World Gallery, search the hashtags #shotoniphone and #shotoniphone6, and keep peeking at the backs of magazines, this campaign is far from over.

4 thoughts on “Dream Campaign: Apple – Shot on iPhone 6

  1. We have been talking about your New Yorker ad. We’re curious…does this photo represent the pi symbol?

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