Freshies – Valdez, Alaska

Introducing a series of posts intended to get right to the most important part of the program: the photography.  It’s called Freshies, loosely based on the term widely used in ski culture:

1. freshies
A term used to describe untouched fresh snow, also known as powder.
- “The freshies were all gone by the time we got to the ski resort.”

Freshies is where you’ll find small collections of the newest images in my collection.  As soon as I have a chance to download, edit and make some RAW adjustments, the photos are on their way to a Freshies post.

In this installation: Valdez, Alaska.

I just recently returned from a week based in an RV at Alaska Rendezvous Logde near Thompson Pass outside of Valdez.  We had the great fortune of fantastic weather, some quality heli-skiing, and a handfull of mind-boggling backcountry ski tours.  Here are six of my favorite Freshies from the trip.

Drop a line and lemme know what you think!


13 thoughts on “Freshies – Valdez, Alaska

  1. Hello Mr. Rinckenberger;

    I am writing on behalf of Keith ———. Keith has seen one of your photos in Powder magazine (Page 173 of the 11/2012 issues) He believes the picture is of Happiness, Loneliness or Fork it maybe. Is it from the Alaska Rondeview terrain? Keith has skied there a few times and absolutely loves it there.

    If possible Keith would like to see other photos you might have from that area, or the Chugach area. In particular he would like to see ones that show off the terrain and show a skier in it.

    If he finds the type of picture he is looking for, he would like to know the cost of purchasing 6 or 7 prints in size 8 X 10 or larger perhaps. He has a special quote that he would like to have added to the print or on a border of the print.

    A reply with your thoughts would be appreciated.

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  4. Yo Scott – sick photos! Wow. I would love some prints of these. Really captures the dramatic nature of these landscapes. Keep posting…

  5. You severely downplayed your photography skills on the trip! These photos are unreal. I’m not sure if I was even in the same area! Nice work.

  6. Amazing work with the light Scott. Definitely captured the AK shades. Great touring with you on the pass and look forward to seeing more images from your adventure on Thompson Pass. Such an incredible mountain playground!!!!!

  7. As i expected the shots are all perfect, i’d happily hang any of those on my wall.

    #4 is probably my favourite shot as i’m a big fan of taking silhouettes

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