You know how sometimes a hangover is tempered a bit by fond memories from the night before? Well, this Freshies post from Costa Rica is an attempt for me to enact the same phenomenon, not in response to a hangover, but something a bit more vicious. I’ve been laid up for about a week suffering from the myriad effects of Dengue Fever, a tropical disease passed from person to person by man’s best friend, the mosquito.

Despite the way I’ve been feeling this week, I loved my trip to Costa Rica, and I’ll be back (armed with more bug spray and mosquito netting). I was down there for a special project with Intel and Gizmodo that you’ll hear about more in the near future. In the mean time I hope these photos from the Santa Teresa/Malpais area will inspire you to explore this tropical gem when you get the itch jones to put in some beach time.

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20 thoughts on “Freshies – Costa Rica Scenics

  1. Santa Teresa Costa Rica is one of the best places for taking photos. Waves are huge, sunsets are amazing and people share all the secrets all the town. Close to Santa Teresa is Coru wildlife refuge, what is an amazing place in the Nicoya Peninsula. Great photos in your post. Congrats.

  2. Scott these are gorgeous! I can’t decide which is my favourite: Pink Sunrise and Driftwood. No wait, Colorful Dawn. Storm Clouds and Waves. Oh wait, Barrel… I can’t choose. Loving the dark sky!

  3. AMAZING photos Scott, well done. It has been so much fun to follow you on your adventures. You are doing beautiful work, keep it up and feel better!


  4. Scott,
    I recently found out about you while looking for reviews on the om-d em-5. I loved the laid back attitude and the real life review you did. I mean we are all going to use cameras for what we do, not sit there and look at every single flaw or pixel peep every picture. What I am trying to say is I love your work, and have told anybody that will listen to check you out, between your blog, instagram, Facebook, everything. Keep doing what your doing, and love every moment of it, your love for what you do is what sets you apart from the millions of photography blogs.

    P.S.- love the latest freshies, want to go to costa rica so bad now.

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