I thought I’d pen a quick post to say thank you to everyone who supported my exhibition of ‘An Elevated State – 12 Months of Backcountry Skiing in Washington’ at evo Seattle. I had a blast connecting with the people who were able to make it in person for the opening which was packed wall to wall. Art was sold and the kegs were emptied. If Seattle is no where near you, this post is full of everything you need for a virtual visit.

I’d also like to thank those who have supported the project through the purchase of fine art prints and calendars. This material support makes it possible for me to continue to explore the wilderness and bring back art and stories to share with the ever expanding community of people who are inspired by my work.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the show, it’s up until 1/30 at evo Seattle. The walls are full of candy for the eyes, and prints and calendars are available for purchase on the spot. Thanks again for supporting this project. I’m inspired when you’re inspired.

As always, custom fine art prints of all of my work are available. And you can follow me online at: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, 500px and Twitter

12 thoughts on “An Elevated State – Art Show @ evo Seattle, see it while you can!

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  3. You photos in black and white catch a form that is often absent when produced in color. It was mentioned in your blog that you do have prints for sale I would be interested in this option. Can you direct me to that.
    With regards,
    Marianne Culver

    1. Hi Marianne,

      Thank you so much for your compliments. I’m glad that you enjoy my approach. I’d be happy to create prints from this show or any other images in my collection. My pricing for the prints from the show is as follows:

      Open Edition 8×10″ Print – $150
      Open Edition 8×10” with 11×14” Frame – $225

      Open Edition Signed 16×20″ Print – $500
      Open Edition Signed 16×20” with 22×28” Frame – $700

      Please email info@scottrinck for more details or to place an order.



  4. Amazing shots! I like what you said about the person in the photo being there to illustrate the grandeur of the earth around them. In some sense its whats missing in ansel adams pics…..the human element of landscape photography.

    1. Thank you @milo lee. I always feel very fortunate to be able to visit the incredible places I’ve been and it feels out of place to put human achievements over the obviously greater accomplishments of mother nature (of which we are one).

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