You want to know where it’s at? The combination of passion and creativity. Art and Love. That’s why when photographer Gonzalo Manera dropped me an email to introduce me to his latest project, The Eight, I was totally on board. What is it? A beautiful 133 page volume of photography from eight of the most artistically gifted snowboard photographers in the world (BTW, the work of Thomas Stockli is beyond good).

The Eight - A Snowboard Photography Project

The curation, design, layout and production quality is all top tier. The idea is brilliant. I’ll let Gonzalo explain:

“With The Eight I wanted to give photographers the opportunity to show the world photo stories as they envisioned them, not modified by an Art Director or any commercial interests of a given sponsoring brand. The photographers are the ones deciding what material they submit. The final goal is to show amazing photography, no matter who the rider is or how old the photo is.”

No advertising and super high-end production value means that this pretty piece of work has a bit of a price tag, 25 Euro to be exact. But before you decide you’ll find your perfect mix of art and action elsewhere, let me share the final piece of this beautiful puzzle: you can download a FREE PDF version of The Eight from the website. If you love it as much as I do, help keep the project thriving by donating what you like online, or even better, order a printed version to keep on the table and impress your guests. It’s that good.

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