Remember the sensation of getting paid with real money?  You may have to think all the way back to when you had an allowance or stacked cash for mowing the neighbor’s lawn, but there was probably a point in your life when you worked at something for a bit and were rewarded with a handful of actual money.

Can you imagine how much more fun payday would be if you received your monthly salary or payment for a big contract in crisp $20 bills?  I mean a fat stack of 20s that you can feel, touch, smell and put under the mattress.  Beats the heck out of getting an email informing you that a direct deposit of x amount has been added to your account.  BORING…

What about shooting a roll of photographs and getting a crisp stack of prints back from the lab?  Some of you will remember this, others may be a bit young, but believe me, it was fun like getting real dollars for mowing the lawn was fun.

It’s not too late.  Go shoot a roll of film and drop it off for processing.  Don’t have a film camera?  You can have your camera’s memory card ‘processed’ into prints.  You can email photos from your iPhone to the lab.  Don’t shoot photos?  Find a picture you like and buy a print from the photographer.  Have it framed.  Thumbtack it to the wall.  Put it in a photo album.  Cut off the person next to you in the photo, cuz you two don’t kick it anymore, or draw a heart around them cuz you kick it a lot.

Tangibility makes things more real.  Get your hands on a photograph, take a whiff. You’ll dig it.


4 thoughts on “How Do Your Photos Smell?

  1. I haven’t ordered prints for a long time, really a good idea… However, I did just take a whiff of your calendar, and it smells just as crisp as the day it came in the mail. I’ve gotten 8 solid months out of this bad boy, looking forward to another 4. –

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