Welcome to the new and improved home of Scott Rinckenberger Photography, www.scottrinck.com. Thanks for visiting!

The new website of Scott Rinckenberger Photography, www.scottrinck.com featuring fine art, landscape, adventure, and commercial photography

Here’s a quick breakdown of the changes you’ll find on the new site:

  2. Art Projects Gallery – This area is for sharing collections of images that are shot for the sake of art, and are generally longer-term objectives. The art projects galleries are either collections which have already become art exhibitions or editioned fine-art prints, such as ‘An Elevated State‘ and ‘Photos for the Philippines‘, or projects in development for future execution such as ‘Panoramic‘ and ‘Snowscapes‘. The first image in each of these galleries gives a brief explanation of the project and/or the artistic motivation.
  3. Portfolios Gallery – The galleries in this area includes images created on assignments or adventures, and which celebrate the presence of people in the world’s beautiful places. The Adventure gallery features outdoor sports like skiing, climbing, mountain biking, running and surfing from around the world. The Commercial gallery includes work created on location and utilized by clients including REI, MSR, evo, Intel, Backcountry and Patagonia. The Portraits gallery is a new body of work which reflects my attempt to connect photographically with the people who add so much to my adventures and collaborations.
  4. About – You’ll now find a quick blurb about my background and approach as well as information about art exhibitions and honors that I’ve been fortunate to have received in my career.
  5. Prints – I’ve included a bit of information about my printing process. Drop a line to scott@scottrinck.com for information about ordering and pricing.
  6. Blog– The new site has a fantastic WordPress integration, so that the blog matches the site and will stay in sync seamlessly.
  7. Press – A collection of blurbs and links that feature nice people saying nice things about my work.
  8. Mailing List – Feed your love for photography and adventure. Stay up to date on the latest work from some of the world’s most spectacular locations. Be the first to know about new projects and art exhibitions, and get special pricing on prints and other Scott Rinckenberger merchandise. Join the Scott Rinckenberger Photography mailing list! I will not share your info with any outside parties, and will only contact you periodically with the most engaging news from the world of Scott Rinckenberger Photography.
  9. Social Links – Click them all, follow along, let’s stay in touch!

And now a few nuts and bolts:

  1. The site is built on the Photoshelter platform. They are an amazing resource for photographers, providing templates for sites like this one (called Element), hosting and e-commerce for stock photography, and a wealth of information for working professionals or aspiring photographers. Give them a look!
  2. The blog is on WordPress using the TwentyEleven theme with some tweaks to make it match the main site, thanks to Dartanyon Race for the coding help on the blog.
  3. The photos were edited and prepped using a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop from Adobe.
  4. Photos on the site were created with the following cameras: Nikon D4s, Nikon D610, Olympus OM-D E-M1, Olympus OM-D E-M5, Sony A99 and Sony A77. My current go-to system is a combination of the D4s, D610 and E-M1.

Your turn! I’ve purpously created a site that is very flexible and easily modified. I’m very interested to hear what you think! Too much of one thing? Too little of another? Just right? I’m considering this a soft-launch and will be refining over the near future. Leave your feedback in the comments below, and I’ll most definitely take your ideas into consideration. Thanks again for visiting the new site, I hope you enjoy the work half as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

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